#2336: Drinkerface

I’ve drunk some beer in my time and also worked for several big beer producers. I can’t say any of it has been a ‘symphonic experience,’ but I do know how very seriously brewers take their packaging design.

Today’s invention is intended to allow people to drink beer out of an ordinary can whilst being able to smell and taste the product just as they would when using a glass.


A glass drinking vessel has a tube poking out of its base. The tube has two squishy annuli (orange). One of these is poked through the top of a normal beer can.

Activation of the grey lever rotates a cam (grey), expanding the annuli and forming a seal between them and the can top.

This allows the user to raise the can to his or her lips and drink the beer from a proper glass.


  1. I did see a fully opening can recently that did the same.

    • Ah well, the beer purists would appreciate use of real glass…it’s also easily washable. I forgot to include an air return route in my drawing, to smooth the flow of beer outwards into the glass.

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