#2318: Driverless-on

Today’s invention is a driverless car -for a learner driver.

Since autonomous vehicles are now being licensed for use all over the US, one way to make some use of these is in teaching people to drive.


(I don’t for a moment think that robot vehicles will stop people wanting their own licences).

These vehicles have a fine safety record, thus far: any accidents they have been involved in seem to have resulted from human drivers crashing into them.

So imagine a learner driver free to operate a vehicle on their own. He or she would be accompanied only by an autonomous vehicle system.

This would monitor the condition and location of the vehicle and take control if the driver’s choice of gears, speed, indicators, road position etc was outside the envelope which it would have chosen at that moment.

Repeated out of control situations would result in a smooth, machine driven return home and a detailed report about the errors made.

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