#2297: Elevautor

When you watch some unfortunate’s car being lifted onto the back of a lorry, to be ransomed by the traffic aurthorities, it’s a thought-provoking experience.

The thought it has most recently provoked is today’s invention: a mobile multistorey carpark.


Trucks would be parked in urban locations, more or less permanently.

These have a number of vertical masts which can be folded down during transit. Each mast has a set of platforms which lock securely to it. It also has a hoist (like that used by traffic wardens, shown as a thicker horizontal bar).

When a car wants to park, it drives onto an empty platform which is left in the roadway (and which can be easily driven over by passing traffic).

This is quickly hoisted upwards and inwards (automatically, after the occupants have exited and texted the truck’s mobile number with their parking code) so that the platform and car are locked onto a mast.

On return to the truck later, the driver once again texts his code to have his car brought to the road (after a proximity detector tests that no cars are just about to drive past).

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