#2290: Raciators

Racing car design is faced with the problem of how to optimise the balances between eg drag, downforce and heat transfer.

F1 radiators in particular have to achieve enormous through-flow whilst also dealing with all sorts of refuse which finds its way onto the track. Pit crews extract huge amounts of litter, but that can only happen after many laps during which it will have greatly impaired engine efficiency.


The F1 rules on radiator design seem to be pretty non-specific. Today’s invention attempts to exploit that.

Radiator panels would be mounted on rotary seals, allowing them to be rotated during a race.

At locations where engine loading was decreasing, they could be flicked from forward-facing into inline configuration. This would shed a large proportion of the refuse and briefly reduce drag as well.

Waggling the radiators on the starting grid could be used to lower the engine temperature -especially at tropical grand-prix.

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