#2203: LedtoUnleaded

Here’s a merry festive scenario. Drive into windswept petrol station. Queue for ten minutes to get a space at a pump. Discover that that particular one is out of the type of fuel you need.

Today’s invention attempts to overcome some of the frustration associated with having to wait and then queue again.


Vehicles would each be fitted with a small radio transponder. This would announce your arrival to the garage, together with information about which side of your car your filler cap is on.

It would also relay data about the type of fuel required (stopping you filling with the wrong stuff). In addition, it could alert the garage to any oversize vehicles.

A light-up arrow would be attached above each side of each pump unit.

One of these would flash at each incoming vehicle indicating where best to fill up in order to minimise queue time and ensure that you draw up alongside only a working, appropriate pump.

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