#2177: CarouSell

Airlines often make people wait for long periods to retrieve their bags.

This can be a stressful process when you may be thinking about where to eat dinner or book a hotel room in an unfamiliar town. Certainly, much attention is paid to the moving belt.

Today’s invention starts as an exercise in guerrilla marketing.

When the carousel starts to move, place on it a collection of brightly-coloured suitcases, each of which carries some form of message or graphic about appropriate local businesses. These could be added in sequence, so that a longer (possibly humourous) message was communicated to the waiting travellers.

These bags would be empty but would never need to pass through security anyway.

As the practice became established, customers could be paid to carry adverts on their own bags, appropriate to the airport they were visiting.

(These might be eg signs which slipped in behind a transparent plastic sheet, or they could be external tags pinned on so that they always appeared upright -irrespective of a bag’s orientation).

Worried about someone else walking off with your bags? Simply insert a twice life-size image of your face…so that anyone else in possession of your luggage would be challenged on exit.

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