#2168: Safetyre

I spend a fair bit of time walking among mountains (well, ok, biggish hills). I was wondering what I’d do if, say, a co-walker or accompanying dog were to break a leg.

If the weather were bad, running to find or even phoning a rescue team might be futile.

Today’s invention is therefore an emergency system to get hillwalkers home in one piece.

It consists of a solid, but very light foam wheel with an axle which passes through two aluminium, U-section troughs.

Each of these has barbs punched through from exterior to interior so that two saplings or branches can be stamped into the troughs and tightened into place using the integral thumbwheels.

These form the shafts of a makeshift cart which, when fed through eg a rucksack, would allow an injured person to be quickly evacuated from a mountainside by only one other person.

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