#2150: TweeTV

Not having a TV is something I’d recommend that everyone should at least consider (especially if you live in the UK, where the licensing authorities make the gestapo seem friendly).

The only real downside (since you can always get David Attenborough on DVD) is the issue of being left out of conversations the next day.

Today’s invention attempts to make televison avoidance even better by helping address this remaining issue.

It takes the form of a Twitter feed, one per TV channel, which describes, 140 characters at a time, the highlights, or at least conversation-worthy aspects of, last night’s viewing.

This could be rapidly scanned by those who are free of the addiction on the way to the coffee machine, so that they would have just enough understanding to be included -without having to waste six hours on the required background research.

A better idea would be to have this information appear on the display of the coffee machine or water cooler itself.

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