#2149: Smileshield

Gumshields, otherwise known as ‘mouthguards’ are worn by hundreds of athletes and schoolchildren.

Many no doubt relish looking like an ardent international rugby player or a rampaging boxing champ. Many, especially females, don’t.

This is a problem in that reluctance to wear such protection may leave them vulnerable.

Any parent who has watched their daughter play hockey will cringe at the memory of that white sphere streaking by at face height.

Today’s invention is therefore a mouthguard which has printed on it a photographic image of the wearer’s actual teeth.

This would be suitably scaled and processed to look normal in the mouth (rather than forming a horsey grin).

It would thus provide no disincentive to the wearing of dental protection – which, after all, is of highest importance to the most image-conscious.

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