#2145: Localaska

As one who prefers eating to making food, I rarely delve into the dark arts of culinary innovation.

Today’s invention represents an exception for those who like eating stuff which has spatially-varying temperature.

A microwave oven doesn’t heat the contents uniformly, which is why they tend to have integral turntables. In fact, the intensity of heating varies from point to point within the oven, so the temperature distribution resembles a patchwork quilt.

Today’s invention is a new, rapid version of Baked Alaska.

A base of eg biscuit crumb mix would have blocks of icecream placed on it where the microwave nodes occur. Then an additional layer of the crumble would be spread on top.

The whole thing would be microwaved on a grid standing above the turntable, so that only the antinodal regions would be heated.

This might also be used to insert other raw stuff inside baked goods…sushi pie anyone?

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