#2140: TalkTape

Imagine a tape measure which could react to voice commands.

Today’s invention is a measure which has an internal drive motor and a processor capable of interpreting a small number of spoken words.

This allows the user to say “12.3cm” and have the correct length of tape emerge.

You could also say “one third of that” and have the tape length reduce to 4.1cm at once.

It might also be possible to have the device announce the current length of the extended tape (in any units required).


  1. 2nd thought, why not add a voice recorder in the measuring device to annotate the readings:
    “curtains livingroom height 6 feet 10” “width 10 feet 6” etc

    Now I have to measure, write it down measure write measure write etc. With the memo recorder build in I could do measure measure measure measure measure measure measure write once


    • Yes, I’d suggest keeping eg all the dimensions of your house on one device, which you could provide to the next buyer…might need some kind of a screen to indicate what went where.

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