#2113: Unflater

Airbags in road vehicles are part of increasingly smart systems. There are now many different bags in a car which deploy according to various super-secret algorithms -dependent on the decelerations experienced in different directions.

Today’s invention is a novel addition for the benefit of both occupants and rescue workers who may appear on the scene of an accident.

It is perfectly possible that the airbag control unit, if still functioning, might interpret impacts to the vehicle by eg a fireaxe or hydraulic cutters as a further crash.

The system should therefore incorporate an external switch to de-activate all undeployed bags.

This could be placed behind a thin layer of glass -perhaps within a high, brake-light unit. Breaking the glass could be done with only fingertip pressure from a rescuer (and yet be highly tamper-evident). It might also act as an engine stop switch.

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