#2093: ThiefThwart

Today’s invention is a way to ensure that one’s luxury car doesn’t get stolen.

The driver’s seat would have a lock mechanism attached to its spine via the headrest locating holes.

Locking the car door (with no weight on the seat) would cause the driver’s seat motors to drive the seat back forwards into contact with the steering wheel. The lock would engage with the wheel and automatically snap closed around it.

This would make the car visibly impossible to drive away -at least without being prepared to wreck the interior.

It would also avoid the need to carry around all sorts of extra ironmongery.


  1. Why forwards to the steer and not up against the ceiling? Or rotate it 180 degrees (sitting backwards)

    It might technically (and financially) be easier to bring the steering wheel in an impossible position.

  2. I thought that I’d like to use, as far as possible, a mechanism that already exists. Expensive, highly steal-worthy cars tend to have motorised seat movement, so a program to drive the seat back up against the wheel, automatically when the door locks, seems a pretty straightforward option that seems unused at the moment.

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