#2015: Windrier

No disrespect to any company that makes absurdly-expensive vacuum cleaners and now hand-driers, but today’s invention is a cheaper approach to drying hands that might suit eg hospitals in countries that can’t afford £1000 a shot.

It consists of a plastic funnel, shaped to accommodate a pair of hands.

This attaches to a bog-standard vacuum cleaner.

The funnel is pegged to the wall above a sink. Wash hands, shake into sink. Switch on the vacuum with your foot. The airflow dries your hands. Any excess runs into a pipe and down the plughole.

Ok, it probably takes an extra ten seconds, but if air drying is such a safety boon, this might save some lives somewhere.

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  1. If you had no electricity, you could arrange for a tank of waste water to drive a turbine to create enough airflow to make this work…just about. I bet somebody, who has never heard of IP, is already doing this. Good on them.

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