#1975: AlightAlert

We live in a sleep-deprived world.

People who travel by public transport often try to take the opportunity to fall asleep (fitfully) in transit, but they do so in fear of oversleeping their stop.

Even if there are audible station or bus-stop announcements, these are surprisingly easy to sleep through.

Today’s invention is a smartphone app which determines, using eg GPS, when its owner is within two minutes of his or her stop before buzzing a sharp, personal wake-up call.


  1. Like it! Many an accidentally extended night-out would have been averted if I had had this as a youth. There are not many things more embarrassing than being woken from ones slumber to find you are sole passenger on a bus, having arrived back where you started almost two hours before!!

    • Actually I can think of several more embarrassing things from the distant era of my youth (but that was when phones were of black bakelite and about as mobile as an anvil) 🙂

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