#1971: SpeedShare

Today’s invention is a way to enhance the gamification of various online activities.

Imagine a group of people whose machines are connected to the Internet via a single router.

This device has the ability to apportion to each of these players a fraction of the available bandwidth -in real-time.

The system could be made to react to the speeds with which the individuals perform some set task…the fastest people ‘win’ some extra bandwidth. Or, it could be used to help support the performance of those who were slow when undertaking some particular type of work.

Access to network speed in multi-user activities could in itself fulfil the role of a reward for achieving certain goals within a game or work-related setting.

One Comment:

  1. This zero-sum game could also be used to punish some options taken whilst playing computer games with potentially unethical, violent or cruel behaviours.

    Gamers would soon learn do avoid taking a performance hit by trying harder not to be evil.

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