#1789: Divertical

Formula 1 steering wheels are becoming stupidly complex. A system which needs so many electronic controls can’t really be operated safely by people using pushbuttons at 200MPH.

In particular, the need to turn the wheel, about a near horizontal axis, with all that inherent arm crossing, is a throwback to the days of sailing ships.

A much more ergonomic approach, for vehicles which never need to turn much and whose drivers are already fatigued, is to have a wheel whose movements more directly map onto the directions which the front wheels are required to follow.

Today’s invention is therefore a racing steering device which has all the usual bells and whistles mounted on a pad which rotates about a vertical axis (shown from above in the picture).

Push/pull seems much more natural than clockwise/anticlockwise -especially when supported by a spring and damper system.

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