#1695: Panebarrier

I happen to be the proud owner of a number of tilting roof windows.

One problem with their operation is that when opened, after even a short period of disuse, large amounts of grit, seeds and leaf fragments, which have collected around the edges of the window, fall inside the house.

This is particularly annoying in the case of the window above my bed.

Today’s invention is a weatherproof robotic vacuum cleaner which can be wirelessly instructed to vacuum the exterior perimeter seals of such windows, just before the catch is released.


  1. On second thoughts, it might be nicer to have something like an inflatable gasket running around the sealing edge of the window and pressurised by closing it. On opening again, distributed holes in the gasket would be exposed, causing a short blast of air outwards…thus removing the debris.

  2. A robotic vacuum for such a job, I would love to see it at work? which one of the vacuums are you thinking of?

    • Well in truth none of the commercial ones looks to be much use in this application. I’d only need one which could run around a rectangular perimeter…hardly rocket science.

      On which subject, why do they make robot vacuum cleaners circular, when rooms have corners?

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