#1671: ReceiptSecure

When I get some kind of receipt, I often want to dispose of it in a way which would make it hard to extract information about my transactions.

I tend to tear up any such paper and put some of the pieces in a variety of different bins within walking (or throwing) distance of my desk.

It would still be pretty easy to complete the data just by finding a single shred of paper (we can easily read a sentence when we have only the top half).

Today’s invention is therefore to have receipts printed using Captcha text (ie crowded and bendy).

An approach like this would allow people to check their transaction, tear and disperse the shreds -and thus decrease greatly the available information from any small collection of such shreds.

(For the above reasons, I’d also actually also like a shredder which would tear paper into vertical strips, rather than beautiful, razor-cut horizontal pieces).

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