#1542: HotFlush

A restaurant manager who’s a friend of a (Facebook) friend, alerted me this week to the fact that public toilets, which are frequently blocked, can be almost always unblocked using a basin of soapy, hot water.

Today’s invention is a public toilet attachment. This has a sensor which detects that the water level is rising too high when flushed -indicating a blockage.

This activates a heater within the cistern which warms a volume of water. To this is added automatically a few squirts of detergent/disinfectant and the warmed liquid is then dropped into the bowl in advance of the next flush.

As well as being activated by management, this function could be made available to customers via a coin-in-the-slot mechanism (and might appeal to some people as an extra hygiene measure, even for unblocked lavatories).

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