#1465: QueueUP

Queueing is a major problem for themepark operators like Disney.

Today’s invention is a way to help alleviate several of the difficulties (and is inspired by the type of child’s high chair which converts into a trolley/table).

For a small additional fee, groups of queuers could rent a set of seats, mounted on a rolling platform. This would pivot upwards from the side, once everyone was safely strapped in and allow occupants a better view of the cleverly designed surroundings.

Such a solution also provides a convenient resting place for eg a family whilst they are served a meal (possibly by waiters on stilts).

In addition to easing the waiting process, this has the effect of apparently shortening the queues.

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  1. See this company’s activities, developed by a fellow Heriot-Watt University Alumnus:

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