#1337: Wirewords

Today’s invention is a flexible, cheap way to make large-scale written notices.

Units such as those on the left of the diagram can be attached to a pegboard-type background in a variety of layouts (including that of the seven-segment arrangement shown on the right).

A wire, cable or tube is looped around these units, either through the hidden or visible side of each.

This allows words to be spelled out using a continuous section of high contrast rope etc. (much more convenient than searching in a box of preformed characters for that missing ‘X’).


  1. This allows for machine-readable, regular text…especially using a glowing cable and a dark background.

  2. Well This idea came last in the Geekdad/Ponoko final 10. http://www.wired.com/geekdad/2010/08/ponokosparkfun-competition-vote-for-the-winner-now/

    I can’t believe
    a) that I lost out to a pizza-leveller
    b) that Conde Nast seem to have closed the poll ahead of their deadline
    …and before I could mobilise my vast Twitter following (109) -gnash!

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