#1317: CooLid

Laptops habitually overheat.

Today’s invention is an attempt to lessen that problem by embedding the processor in the lid, behind the screen.

The lid would have holes in the front and back surface, enabling natural convention cooling of the interior (rather than relying on noisy fans in a horizontal box, as is the usual approach).

Obviously there would be some need to ensure that the machine remained balanced with a lighter than usual keyboard and a heavier upright screen.


  1. This has the added benefit that the hot laptop can’t burn people’s legs.

  2. Mykids leave their macBooks on, running, laying on the bed on top of a nice thick comforter. I can’t think of a worse thing to do with a laptop. The choke off the air flow and superinsulate the bottom, heat dissipation reduced probably close to two thirds. Can you say “Cooked”?

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