#1314: SeeSnake

People trip over cables all the time.

People also have peripheral vision which is very sensitive to movement (something to do with spotting dangerous beasties lurking in the long grass).

Today’s invention is a device which plugs eg into a USB port on a laptop and which flicks the power cord every few seconds.

This allows passers by to become more aware of the moving cable and step over it safely.

(A better version would be incorporated into plugtops in general, but that would require somewhat more complex design).


  1. Well, Apple kinda of solved this in a better way: MagSafe.

    But nice try!

  2. Hmmm, I guess I just want to get around all those Apple patents…I’m not sure they invented magsafe, by the way (although they may own all the rights).

  3. How about a power cord with some sort of low-intensity embedded light (LEDs or similar) evenly spaced across the surface that occasionally flash, fade, or flicker. Assuming the light is not overly distracting, the gentle glow or flicker could serve the same purpose without actually needing to move the cord.

  4. I think I was trying to get a solution which might be easily retrofitted to any machine…although I do like the light-up flex idea.

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