#1238: Blink-Ink

3-D is the new 2-D. If you are fed up though with having to wear those cardboard and cellophane specs to watch the latest movie, today’s invention can help.

It consists of a double-ended aerosol filled with organic dye. This is used to spray a small patch of semipermanent red dye on the inside of one eyelid and a small patch of greenish blue dye on the inside of the other.

When you close your eyes in front of a suitably coloured stereo pair of images on a screen which has the illumination ramped way up, you can not only see shapes on the screen through your lids but they will, in addition appear to be 3-dimensional.

This would allow you to watch 3-D movies whilst appearing for example to be asleep (should that ever be necessary).

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  1. That is so awesome

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