#1168: ShellShed

Today’s invention is a cheap form of disaster relief shelter which consists of two lengths of reed-type matting; one inserted inside the other and sewn together.

This can be made in double thickness and coated with mud for extra weather protection.

It is intended to provide a family unit with a rapid, structurally tough way to stay warm, dry and as clean as possible.


  1. I’ve seen similar in Peruvian shanty towns. In their case, “temporary” accommodation was provided by using five reed mats (four walls, one roof). I’m not sure if a wooden frame was used too. Your idea seems simpler to put together and possible more draught proof.

  2. I’d actually like to see a shelter made from folding a single sheet in some origami-esque way (which would probably be pre-coated in waterproof flexible ‘paint’ in one side). These sheets could come on a long roll which would be dropped off by helicopter.
    Have a go yourself here (if you can get past the registration process) http://www.core77.com/blog/featured_items/entries_are_coming_in_on_the_1_hour_design_challenge_emergency_shelters_lots_of_time_left_to_send_in_yours_15846.asp

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