#1094: Fanfar

Today’s invention is a new way to cool one’s computer, without just bolting on a series of ever noisier fans.

The normal fan outlet in a laptop or desktop machine would be connected to a flexible hose with internal diameter of the order of 1cm and, say, 10m in length.


The other end of this hose would connected to a large, remotely-located fan (which might also be joined to many other computers in a room, for example).

This fan would be powerful enough to enhance the cooling airflow across the internals of many machines, and to overcome the pipe friction in their hoses, but also be locatable sufficiently far away (in a cupboard) that there would be an insignificant extra noise contribution from it to the users of the computers.

The air passing through this hose might even be cooled by a refrigeration unit near the fan and passed back, via a further length of hose, to each of the original computers. Computers might be sold with a powerful remote fan, and only a small internal one in order to minimise their weight.

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