#1090: Chewpakka

Some of the hard plastic boxes which house products on sale are great for protecting the contents in transit and making them visible on the shelves.

The trouble is that you need a hammer and chisel to get them open, which can sometimes result in damaging the delicate product within. So people inevitably use their teeth…generally a bad choice and ironic if the the product is a toothbrush.


Today’s invention is a device a little like a staple remover. This is effectively a pair of substitute metal teeth and cheap enough to be supplied as part of the plastic packaging.

A user repeatedly bites down on the integral pads (using muscle-powered molars rather than canines), piercing the packaging and driving the ‘teeth’ gradually around the outer seam of the pack.


  1. Yes of course it would be necessary to ensure that the blade was kept isolated from eg one’s tongue.

  2. “In the US, the term “wrap rage” was coined to describe the frustration of trying to open a rigid plastic “clamshell” – two bits of plastic moulded together around a product.” http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/8363862.stm

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