#1033: BeatBots

I tend to think that hunt sabotage has more to do with fighting the class war than saving creatures from suffering.

Today’s invention is weapon on behalf of the ‘game’ animals and the human beaters who find themselves economically dependent on this form of feudalism.


It is a swarm of small robots which can be used to pre-beat an area of moorlands so that hiding grouse or pheasant are driven away before the chinless hoorays range rover onto the scene.

These would be capable of maintaining a coordinated line across the terrain, moving quietly beneath the foliage so as to remain concealed. The failure or destruction of one would be automatically adjusted to by the others and they could be programmed to rendez-vous later in the back of a waiting truck (using eg GPS units built into each).

Most significantly, no human beaters would find themselves walking towards a line of shotguns held by merchant bankers.

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  1. Bankers seem to come in for a lot of criticism. Good. Their greed is having a globally corrosive effect on motivation and it indirectly provides support for the ridiculous idea that all risk is bad…

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