#1026: MovieMatch

Films, whilst entertaining to watch, are often nearly as much fun to discuss afterwards. Indeed, I’m convinced that the films you like (or more precisely, the most memorable scenes) are strong indicators of the person you are.

Today’s invention is an online dating agency whose matching algorithm is based on the scenes which people say most move them.


A person could create their profile consisting of the usual personal data but then add formatted information about the 20 film scenes that most affect them (eg “LeMans, 23 mins, nostalgia, reminds me of boyhood in the 60s”). The scene information could be selected from an on-screen database or added and edited by hand -or from here.

The emotions stated could be ones of irritation or disgust or joy, just so long as the named scenes evoke strong feelings in the person concerned. These views would be used to optimise matches from within the database of potential ‘dates’.

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