#1014: HideHues

Today’s invention is a way for military vehicles to camouflage themselves in real time.

Each tank or truck would carry some cans of suitable natural shades of paint on board. To avoid detection, each vehicle would use an onboard spray gun to subtly change its exterior shades -so as to minimise its visibility during different parts of the day, or season.


This repainting might even happen so fast as to mimic the motion of shadows on the surface, further breaking up the contours. If detected, rapid repainting with dazzle shades and shapes might help disguise the direction and size of the vehicle in question.

There could also be a small robotic scoop that could flick local earth over the finished coats, in order to improve their textural effectiveness. The paint itself would be rainproof but capable of being scrubbed off later using eg some diesel fuel.

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