#988: Jetplates

Washing dishes is so last century. Today’s invention is a dishwasher which handles only crockery consisting of three elements: a generic cup, plate and bowl (although similar approaches could be used for pans and cutlery too).

The crockery items are manufactured with protrusions on the underside, so that eg a number of bowls can be stacked very closely on top of each other (toploaded into the machine).


When closed, intensive jets blast water at the small gaps between items (which have been designed as flow channels in which the water speed will be very high).

If all the crockery were also made of reflective (or translucent) material, each could then be inspected by automatic camera, to check its cleanliness and if necessary, apply more focussed washing.

Such directed washing could make better use of heating and water resources and also save overall wash time.

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