#966: ToolTube

Still in a nostalgic frame of mind in connection with the moon landing anniversary, today’s invention is an upgraded space helmet.

Even today, astronauts wear a transparent plexiglass dome on their heads when exposed to the near-vacuum of space. This is in constant danger of being scratched, rendering the wearer effectively blind at some very inconvenient moments.


Today’s invention is therefore a transparent tubular shield which fits onto the neck seal of a future spacesuit and which can be rotated by a small motor about the vertical axis of the neck seal.

This would protect the inner dome from damage, act as an extra radiation shield and as a platform for various tools eg binoculars, visual displays or magnifying lenses.

In extremis, this could be grabbed and wrenched off the neck seal by the astronaut, if necessary.

One Comment:

  1. An eye-level gap in the shield with a windscreen wiper strip on one side perhaps would provide a viewport with minimised visual distortion/interference.

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