#938: Equifiller

My car has the petrol filler cap on the ‘wrong’ side surprisingly often, when I drive into a service station…How is one to remember which side it’s on?

Sure, it is still possible to drag the hose across the paintwork and fill up a tank located on the far side from the pump but this is hard work, damaging and potentially dangerous, since the nozzle may not engage properly with the inlet tube.


Today’s invention is a telescopic tube which allows a driver to pull up at any pump, thus not wasting time in queueing for one with nozzles on the filler cap’s side of the vehicle.

To fill up with cap adjacent to pump, just do the normal thing. To fill up with the cap far from the pump, simply extend the tube from under the outer cover of the cap and clip it in place on the opposite side of the car (the clip would be at a height to ensure smooth fuel flow into the tank). This allows safe use of the petrol pump with minimal waiting.

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