#924: HingeTones

People increasingly have mobile phone ringtones that drive me just a little nuts, especially when they take an extra second or two to answer when sitting next to me on the train.

Today’s invention represents a tiny particle of revenge, as well as a way for those of us who hate phones to express our (introverted) personalities.


It is a sound effect which fires up when one’s laptop is opened (or closed). This would create a kind of aural ecosystem in a big office environment…a bit like the dawn chorus, signifying that everyone’s work day had begun.

It might take the form of a recording of one’s child giggling, or a creaking castle door or birdsong or whatever. In any case, a market would be created something like that for ringtones. One’s machine might even select the opening soundtrack based on the time of day (or the gps-determined location).

Come to think of it, context-based based ringtones, may be a better idea…

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