#919: SweatBox

When you are overweight, for example, lots of things get in the way of starting to do some exercise (even a tiny amount is very much better than none). Going to a public gym is just too difficult for anyone who has become sensitised to how they look.

Today’s invention is a 1-person gym. This is in the form of a crate-like, self-contained cubicle with a credit-card door entry system. Without windows or mirrors, there would be just enough space to undress, exercise using a built-in stepper machine and then shower. The shower might even double as a spraywasher for the entire interior, after use.


These cubicles would be placed, using eg a forklift, in quiet locations, walkable from town centres. They would also record the level of usage of the stepper -allowing them to be relocated to the most effective sites and to provide encouragement to the users (identified on entry).

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