#907: SiteSync

I have two separate collections of bookmarks: one I consult every day and the other once a week.

Today’s invention is a bookmarking tool which creates a folder of bookmarks and opens these for viewing as often as the average frequency with which these sites have been updated.


(I really don’t want to know every time an update has occurred, so that’s why there’s a need to match the viewing frequency to the average updating frequency).

If, for example, a website I have bookmarked has been updated about once a day for a week, it will appear in the ‘Daily’ folder. If it has been updated only once or twice a week on average, then it will be placed in the ‘Weekly’ folder. Another folder might be labeled ‘Monthly’, because its average page content is rarely changed.

In this way, sites would move occasionally from folder to folder, providing a refreshing, non-routine sample of interesting web experiences.

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