#880: Rerooter

Tree roots tend to cause damage to water pipes, sewers and foundations. This is especially true in arid places -like my in-laws
garden in Melbourne.

Many ‘solutions’ involve killing the trees by feeding them eg copper sulphate via a porous pipe.


Today’s invention is a way to decoy roots effectively without killing too much foliage. A vertical, porous pipe is sunk into the lawn, causing it minimal damage. As well as water-passing pores, the pipe contains holes big enough to allow small roots to pass inside without damaging the ceramic of the pipe. A very small reservoir drips water onto the top edge of the pipe, keeping it just moist enough to attract the roots.

A cylindrical steel liner, containing large, sharp-edged holes, is then forced down the inside of the pipe, chopping off the most recent small roots which have penetrated and collecting these in its base. The liner can be withdrawn and the choppings buried elsewhere in the garden, away from buildings, etc -thus reclaiming the water they contain.

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