#871: AdReady

Ad blocking software is simply great, but I suspect that many of the good, free things available via the Internet will just disappear if the advertising revenues from online ‘eyeballs’ dry up.

The problem with attending to adverts, however creative and targeted (most aren’t either), is that they get in the way of one’s current tasks.


Today’s invention is therefore a browser plug-in which collects all the information about those online adverts which have been blocked and offers them to the user as a concentrated ad-break…perhaps a couple of times a day, or when the browser is being closed.

These would be shown in the order of being blocked and one screen at a time, so that no scrolling ‘below the crease’ would be required. Extra incentives for viewing/clicking these might be offered (since they would otherwise just be deleted and remain ignored).

A user/viewer might be required to click certain buttons on the ad. page to indicate that they had sat through this display.

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