#868: Advertees

Do the people at Hot or Not actually do anything commercially valuable with all those photographs; all those data about people’s preferences? Maybe the figures gathered aren’t actually very meaningful (given that most of the photographs are usually abysmal).

Anyway, I’ve been losing sleep again about advertising. Now that there is an intensifying war going on to capture people’s attention, where are they actually looking? Answer: at members of the opposite sex.


Today’s invention is a business model which consists of ranking the attractiveness of a large number of people (eg via Facebook or the HON site mentioned above). For, say, the 1000 top-ranked attractive women in a given city, supply them with a Cafepress T shirt with information about products of interest to young men (bars, cars, jobs, whatever). It’s not clear if this would work reciprocally for female customers and T-shirted males.

The females would be publicly identified by their shirt as significantly more attractive than average and could be further incentivised by the shirts each carrying a personal code -so that purchases driven by it could result in the wearer receiving a % payment.

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