#865: Barrowbooster

Those who work with wheelbarrows, only occasionally, know that moving loads about in this way can be hard work and even cause injury.

This applies particularly when the barrow is first lifted off the deck (when the back may be used more than the legs) and also when tipping material out of the barrow by lifting the handles as shown.


Today’s invention is a small lever device, inspired by the centre stands which racing motorcycles use.

This would allow the user to flip the lever down from its storage position above the sides of the barrow onto the ground and stand on the plate, thus raising the handles a little so as to be reached more easily without bending one’s back.

Then, when emptying the barrow, it could be stepped on again, fully, as shown. This would drive the roller forward and lock the barrow safely in position so that the hands could be repositioned to allow the whole system to be thrust forward.

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