#838: RearViewer

Security cameras are everywhere in the UK (maybe the word ‘security’ is one of those decoy euphemisms, just as ‘speed cameras’ are now called ‘safety cameras’).

Anyway, these devices are vulnerable to being interfered with (by we disgruntled citizenry) and so today’s invention is simply to attach a small mirror to each so that they can transmit what’s going on around them, outside their normal field of view.

The mirror could be a spherical section, one of the type used by employees on computer screens to detect the approach of over-inquisitive bosses. Its image need only occupy a small corner of the transmitted screen view.

Such a system would inevitably need a rainroof and to be made of stay-clean coated glass. A clever design would allow the main camera view field to encompass the rear of the mirror itself, so that there would be no need for a mirror to monitor the back of the first mirror…

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