#834: Hotkeys

I tend to smile when reading about USB-powered fans by which the users of laptops can cool their fevered brows whilst typing in transit. My problem is different. Travelling by rail in Scotland, the carriages are routinely unheated…making my attempts at hunt-and-peck even more laboured.

Typing whilst wearing polartec gloves is even less accurate than usual, so today’s invention offers a new approach.

The fan outlets from one’s laptop are fed directly into a light plastic pipe. This is connected at the other end to a transparent canopy which is held in place a few centimeters above the surface of the keyboard (sloping downwards slightly towards the screen for improved visibility -transparent to allow we non-touchtypers to watch our hands).

Hot air from the machine is thus played upon one’s digits; allowing keyboard use to continue en route to Siberia (or Glasgow Queen Street) and at no extra cost (economic or environmental).

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