#822: Stayreel

The old vacuum cleaner seems to occupying me a lot lately. Why, for example, does that damned spring-loaded reel never actually pull all the power cord back in when the loathsome vacuuming task is done?

Today’s invention is a possible improvement that might make retrieval of the various components of dust collection, slightly more tolerable.

A cleaner consists of three modules: a hose reel (blue), a fan/motor and a dirt hopper. Instead of having to cart about all that hose, the reel is detachable, plugs directly into a wall socket and stays in one place. It contains a decent sized spring, ratchet and gearbox so that the cable can be easily dragged out and then slowly, but relentlessly, hauled back in afterwards.

The other end of the cable (yellow) is plugged into the slimmed down fan/hopper unit.

When cleaning is complete, this cable connector can be easily flicked up out of its bayonet-fitting. The electrical disconnect activates the cord withdrawal mechanism and the yellow connector is dragged back, shielded from causing and sustaining damage (or getting snagged) by a light conical collar (grey).

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