#798: Artedge

I’ve been baulking lately at the prices charged by picture framers. If you want an alternative to a bog-standard clipframe in a standard size, the process of getting anything bigger than a postage stamp framed is likely to be as costly as the artwork it contains.

Today’s invention is a frame made of sections of a standard strip material, as shown. The strip is constructed from plastic or aluminium, for example and comes in the form of symmetrical lengths, one half with ridges running diagonally upwards and the other half with ridges running downwards.

Grooves formed in the rear faces of the strips allow them to be snapped neatly to the correct lengths, as in this type of propelling knife blade.

Four such snapped-to-length sections can then be glued and or screwed together using the integral ribs on the rear. Sections can also be joined in parallel to create a frame with a wide section.

Such wide frames could be used to accommodate almost any available piece of glass (smaller than the overall frame dimensions), without cutting (ie simply locating the glass on the lower lip behind the frame and allowing it to spill over the frame aperture, as seen from the front.

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