#779: Gumould

Bubble gum currently takes way too much time and effort.

Today’s invention is a small machine which ‘chews’ some gum repeatedly -undertaking a viscous stirring process in a hygienic chamber, but without adding water and thus maintaining the flavour components in the material. After this, the gum would be forced into a mould, forming it into a disc with a concavity on either side.

This central, thinned region would allow the gum to be placed in the mouth and, without any normal chewing, instantly blown into a successful bubble.

The thin region might even have some coloured food particles added to it, within the machine, so that when the bubble is created, a message (or logo) magically expands on its surface.

This could be a new form of user-selectable love-heart message, perhaps or a new form of advert.

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