#769: Indiscator

Movie DVDs will soon be replaced by other formats recorded on other media. Until that happens, I’ll continue to be annoyed by boxed sets of discs which which make it really difficult to keep a record of which episode of The Sporano’s seven year run or David Attenborough’s jungle adventures we watched last week.

Today’s invention is a simple recording mechanism built into the media packaging.

Each disk comes in a plastic case (the mechanics of these is awful but I won’t deal with that now). Opening the case would reveal a clock-like set of markers arrayed circumferentially around where the edge of the disc lies. There would be one gradation for each episode on a disc (minor markers could stand for specific timings, if you have a fancy player which can track there accurately).

When you’ve watched an episode, simply put the disc back in the case with the arrow prominently provided on the disc pointing at the gradation on the case corresponding to the next episode to be viewed.

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