#767: Strapeze

It’s always a pain when someone gets in your car who can’t find the seatbelt attachments or who has difficulty engaging the buckle in the catch mechanism. This is true of eg children or people who find it hard to bend over to see where the various attachments need to go.

Today’s invention is therefore an aftermarket attachment which overcomes these problems.

The seatbelt clip is engaged permanently in the catch device. A crescent-shaped guide (shown in pink) fits under both of the straps and is raised by the driver pulling on a strap which runs over a pulley attached to the vehicle ceiling (not shown) and down the back of the passenger seat.

The crescent guide is then high enough for anyone to sit in the passenger seat without needing to touch any belts. The driver can then lower the crescent, so that the seatbelt drops into the correct position and the standard tensioner makes it fit snugly around the passenger.

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