#759: Explosuit

I have an abiding respect for those who work in bomb disposal.

There are many different designs of protective suit available to these people, although I have serious doubts about how effective they would be in the event that an explosive device initiates whilst they are working on it.

The suits, which are intended to protect against fragments, heat and pressure injuries, certainly don’t lend themselves to any kind of quick getaway. Today’s invention is therefore something like an automatic ejector seat, designed to fling the bomb disposer out of harm’s way.

A disposal suit would be fitted with an extra shield in the form of a sprung rocket nozzle protruding forward from the armored breastplate. in the nozzle, an explosive charge would be located -on the far side of the shield from the disposer. The disposer would lean forwards, locating this charge close to the bomb as he works on it just within arm’s reach.

In the event that the bomb detonates, the charge attached to the suit would explode as the detonation wave from the main bomb passes through it. The shield/nozzle would focus the blast and would act like reactive armour -throwing the wearer away from the bomb, before the main blast effects could reach him.

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