#737: FaceTag

I happened to have been looking at some Facebook entries when it dawned on me that all of those party/ concert photos of Miss X and her three best friends have a common appearance.

Today’s invention is a Facebook application which finds faces in the photos placed on pages. It then compares these faces with those posted by individuals on their pages. Names can thus be automatically be applied to the numerous group shots, without anyone having to type in all those identifiers as tags.

This would only be around 90% accurate, I reckon, but it would be a cool feature (knowing the name of someone you find attractive would allow them to be contacted, greatly adding to the social networking functionality). There might also be some some intriguing, or at least amusing, misidentifications.

An array of celebrity faces provided on the site could be used to answer such questions as, “which Hollywood star does my boyfriend most resemble?”

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